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Based in Vernon BC we serve the whole Okanagan and all of North America offering online and in-person astrology readings, courses, meditations and moon circle events.

Clarity Lies Within

Whether you’re seeking answers to questions about life purpose, career or vocation, and relationships, your birth chart is a map that always leads back to you, and an astrology reading can align you with yourself and your life.

It can allow you to access your own intuition, to know what is right for you.

As a timing tool, an astrology reading can help you determine periods of growth in specific areas of your life, which can assist you in some of the following ways;

  • Are you a creative type wanting to write and publish a book?
  • Are you contemplating a career change, or relocating your home?
  • Is it the right time to retire?

Even if you’re just curious about your birth chart, enjoying a just-for-fun reading can truly be an enlightening experience. At times life unfolds for us in the most amazing ways.

It’s easier to live in alignment with naturally unfolding energy than against it. Astrology can help you achieve that fluency so you can create more abundance and greater satisfaction in life.

I’m Christine, your North Okanagan based Integrative Astrologer, NLP Practitioner Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Christine is an intuitive astrologer who inspires people to connect deeply with themselves through their personal astrology for insight and greater understanding. Christine can help you gain clarity, and as a hypnotherapist, create real, effective, lasting change allowing you to live towards your highest potentials.

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Astrology Courses

Our Astrology courses go from beginner to advanced taught in accordance with the CAAE Guidelines.

foundations astrology chart reading

The Foundations | Level 1 Astrology

Get started with the foundation’s course covering all the basic information you need to read a natal chart. Learn about the components that make up your personal birth chart as well as the charts of historical and public personalities.

Foundations of Astrology

astrology chart interpretation courses

Chart Interpretation | Level 2 Astrology

Build on your astrological studies with this Level 2 course that allows an aspiring student to learn in-depth natal chart delineation and become adept at chart synthesis.

Chart Interpretation

astrology forecasting courses

Forecasting Techniques | Level 3 Astrology

Gain solid working knowledge of forecasting techniques applying transits, planetary cycles, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, as well as solar and other planetary returns.

Forecasting Techniques

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