What does Astrology have to say about you?

Astrology is an energetic language based upon the principle of “as above, so below.” The energy of heavens, the relationships among the planets, is reflected in the events and happenings here on earth. This energy is constantly unfolding around us all the time and in fact, many of the choices we instinctively make in our lives are attuned to the heavens and the birth chart. Your birth chart is a map of the heavens, at the time and place of your birth, when you took your first breath. It is your life’s blueprint of potential and possibility.
What I most love about an astrology reading is that it offers you the opportunity to connect deeply with the unique individual essence of yourself. An astrology reading can bring about greater self-understanding and deeper meaning for the time(s) of your life – past, present, and future. Even if you’re just curious about your birth chart, enjoying a just-for-fun reading can truly be an enlightening experience. At times life unfolds for us in the most amazing ways.
Whether you’re seeking answers to questions about life purpose, career or vocation, and relationships too – the birth chart speaks of potentials and possibilities. If you’re struggling with indecision about significant life choices and/or a desire to break through repeating patterns that no longer serve you – consulting the birth chart can offer tremendous insight and guidance.

Your birth chart is a map that always leads back to you, and an astrology reading can align you with yourself and your life. It can allow you to access your own intuition, to know what is right for you. As a timing tool, an astrology reading can help you determine periods of growth in specific areas of your life, which can assist you in following your bliss. Are you a creative type wanting to write and publish a book? Are you contemplating a career change, or relocating your home? Is it the right time to retire? It’s easier to live in alignment with naturally unfolding energy than against it. Astrology can help you achieve that fluency. Astrology can help you create abundance and greater satisfaction in life.

What is my role as your Astrologer?

Often, I’m introducing the birth chart to my clients for the first time, and I present the information in a way that is easy to understand. I respect astrology, your chart and its message. I like to show you the ways in which you already live through your chart and inspire you to experience the realization of your potentials.

In our session, we meet to explore and discover the creativity, genius, passion and purpose held within your birth chart. I hold safe and impartial space for you. We will discuss what’s important to you and help you to find balance between what you want to know and what you may need to know. I will answer your questions honestly and truthfully and give you the opportunity to reflect on our session. All consultations are private, secure and confidential.

What do you need for your reading?

In order to generate the most accurate birth chart, clients need to know three details surrounding their birth. The date – month, day, and year – that they were born. The time that they were born, and finally the place that they were born. This information can be sourced from the birth certificate, but a mother often remembers these details about the birth of her child. Mothers also remember emotional or environmental conditions surrounding a birth that may also be significant.

The more accurate the information, the more accurate the birth chart and reading.

Once a client has this information in hand, the next step is to contact a professional, certified Astrologer.

Connect by email:

We will arrange an initial phone consultation to collect your birth data, answer any questions, arrange a date and time for your reading, as well as payment. At this time readings are held online via Zoom.


What happens in a reading?

Each reading is personal and individualized, tailored to you. A reading is your opportunity to connect deeply with yourself. We share conversation, just me and you.

In general, a reading evolves around your areas of interest. Consider what you would like to unfold, what speaks to you at this time in your life, where you would like to receive clarification.

Astrology Readings

Initial Consultations

For an initial consultation we can meet for a single session, but two hourly sessions are recommended. In the first hour, we will discover the details of your birth chart, the sun and moon, the planets in their signs, as well as any major aspects. Then we can break for a week giving you time to reflect upon your chart and ask any further questions. In our second hour, we consider your current life situation, where the planets are currently influencing your birth chart and life. We will review areas of personal growth and opportunities for the coming year, highlighting significant dates, and periods of time for your attention.

Annual Solar Return

Revisit for an annual solar return reading each year. These readings are usually within three months of your birthday. Together, we explore current life situation and themes for the year ahead, as well as areas of growth and responsibilities too. Where might you set your intentions? How might you go about actualizing them? We will share a great conversation, update and review the areas of your life the planets are currently kindling. Our session will dig deeper into current transits, progressions, eclipses, and of course, the solar return.

The Cardinal Series

Four sessions held throughout the year with the seasons. 

The Sun’s entry into one of the four cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – indicates the beginning of a new season. These days are energetically powerful and known as the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Vernal Equinox, and the Winter Solstice. In this series of sessions, we will meet four times throughout the year, once during each season. Ideal for anyone who wants to work with the energy of the planets through the seasons. Set intentions and engage in long-term projects. Re-align to overcome obstacles or challenges. Embrace challenging life situations to find deeper meaning in life and understanding.

All consultations are private and confidential. Clients receive digital as well as paper copies of their birth chart, reports, timelines, and a template of personal notes. Sessions are not recorded.