January 28 11:16 am PST
The Leo Full Moon shines opposite the Aquarian Sun aligned with Saturn and Jupiter also in Aquarius. Additionally, Mars in Taurus squares both the Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Saturn too – forming a T-square configuration. Mars is known as the focal planet of the t-square – challenging the balance between the Sun and Moon.
The Leo Moon can be associated with the perceived personal and unique needs of the individual while the Aquarius Sun highlights the aims of wider society. Saturn and Jupiter hint at the social constraints we are dealing with now as well as the concerns with what can be in the future. Mars in Taurus is the driver with one foot on the gas and the other foot – perhaps the heavier foot, hard on the brake – resistant and stubborn, slow to change, seeking to maintain the status-quo. It is hard to act while one part of you is holding on to what you know and the other part of you is trying to break free and act for the future.
Over the waning period of this lunation cycle, people may be feeling and dealing with great internal tension, self-blockage, and struggling with discord. This is likely to be experienced through interpersonal relationships: dealings with others. Can you accept others and their needs, working in collaboration with them, and still allow yourself personal growth and even transformation?
Encountering the values, ideals and desires, the needs of others, the group, or what wider society and authorities ask of us now – the external changes we might need to make for the future – well, we may encounter our own resistance and there can be an urge to dig in or hold onto a stance or position – whether it is stable over the long term.
Imagine for example, how exasperating it would be to lose a job due to a shift in government politics on climate and the cancellation of a pipeline well under construction. Imagine you are the sole provider of a family of four in a small rural community where jobs are not widely available. Yet many people in wider society suggest and agree that climate change is a crisis and real action is needed to reduce the impact upon the environment and resources. What do you do?
Imagine, we might find ourselves breaking away from the pack, wanting and struggling to keep our foundations, systems and security, resources, possessions, – our values: our quality of life and the things we cherish.
Often, we live through our days believing and thinking we are in control, in charge of our own affairs, acting on our own behalf. Our North American society – among the wealthiest in the world – has thrived on instantaneous gratification. Yet if we do not get what we want when we want, if things don’t turn out as expected or as planned, many people become impatient, irritable, frustrated, annoyed, and at times, downright selfish.
High excess of stressful emotional energy can bring people to anger. There is a real need to let off steam and channel excess energy appropriately: avoid taking anything out on yourself or another – whether this be a loved one or the saltshaker.
Check in with yourself often and ask: How am I feeling?
Has it felt as if your efforts are meeting with obstacles or being held back in some way? Are there external or internal limiting circumstances? Are you the one holding yourself back? If so, are you meeting up with feelings of inadequacy? Is this preventing you from doing what you love? Is it keeping you from joy? Are you afraid that you will fail?
This full moon is opportune for course correction and releasing inner self-doubts. Push away what your ego may be telling you in its attempt to protect you.
Even though there is one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake, opportunities are flowing into our lives. Perhaps like the pipeline worker, we may need to make external changes – change jobs, relocate, further our education, take on a new career path. In doing so, we may transform our lives, our future, and find renewed inner strength. Fulfullment and happiness that we did not know before. Sometimes what seems like hard times turns out to be a blessing. Our lives are always in the process of unfoldment and discovery.
Draw upon your talents, your sacred gifts and resources. Our talents and sacred gifts were not meant to be hidden as they bring joy not just to ourselves but to others. Doing something that requires consistent focus, for development and hard work can be beneficial and good for our creative self-expression.
There is opportunity in learning to be more yielding, adaptable, and flexible. If you are feeling inner tension and resistance – take a moment to ask yourself about the root of it. Why do you feel the way you do? Why are you doing what you are doing? Think over your desires, motivations, actions, and responses carefully. Can you act through the true knowledge of who you are? Slow down.
Thorough, careful, planned, and meaningful actions can bring success. We do not have to give instantaneous form, definition or expectations to our aspirations.
Hold love in your heart for others as there are so many needs to be met. Lead and choose with your heart rather than what your inner dialog might be telling you. Give with your heart as there is much healing to be done.
Positively this energy helps us dig in and withstand all kinds of setbacks and obstacles. We can tap into our tremendous willpower, commitment, and be determined to carry on, persist, without losing a sense of direction or purpose.

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