27 February 2021

0:17:10 am PT

Before the pandemic hit, a friend of mine took me to “Paint Night” at a pub. I’d taken a few painting classes decades ago, but never really saw myself as ‘painterly.’ I went with her on a whim. The facilitator led us step by step through the painting of a dandelion going to seed against the backdrop of the cosmos. It was a fun event, painting among strangers, tabletop easels filling the room, brushes in the air; everyone attempting the same subject with the same colours. At the evening’s end it was amazing to see how everyone’s painting turned out, each so original.

Then the pandemic hit. “Paint Night” became available online and my friend encouraged me to join her at a few events from the comfort of my own home. I did and discovered that when I was playing with colour and the canvas it felt like I was on vacation somewhere else.

I was focused and drawn in, consumed in painting. I wasn’t concerned with time or place, things like work, what was stressing me out. No one was defining or judging my art. No one was telling me what to do, how to paint, how to be. It was just me, the colour and canvas, a few brushes and my own expression.

It was liberating.

Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo reflecting the light of the Pisces Sun to Earth. Venus in Pisces joins the Sun and underscores reflection on our relationships with others. The Moon opposing Venus suggests an encompassing desire for compassion and care, empathy. Perhaps we are seeking more meaningful and spiritual connection with others through our values, beauty and what we find beautiful, our passions, talents, resources, and humanity.

Where are you discovering beauty and passion? How are you expressing beauty and passion – compassion – to others? Do you see that your voice is valuable and unique?

Mercury in Aquarius, ruler of this Full Moon, turned direct February 20th, and has been separating from Saturn. Our mental faculties may be sharpened and humming, if not restless due to feeling overburdened or inhibited. Perhaps we’ve been caught up in fear, in being too cautious or narrow to take the next step, inclined to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Mercury has also been squaring off Uranus, also pointing to nervous and scattered thinking. Perhaps we’ve been prone to aking snap judgements and thoughtless comments – to others and to ourselves.

With many planets trekking through Aquarius, the sign of fixed air this past month, there has been a lack of the fire element overall. This can suggest a lack of faith or hope. For some folks it has been difficult to muster up energy, enthusiasm, spirit. Have you been feeling as if you been slogging through the days with little optimism?

If you are feeling burnt out and tired, including physical exercise into your daily routine can raise fiery energy, lift your spirits, and inspire motivation. If you’re cold, get moving. That said, continue to do things with patience and moderation. Exercise good self care. Listen to your body and don’t over-extend or exhaust yourself. Eat regularly – a balanced diet – and drink plenty of water.

Take a Sun bath: stand outdoors, position yourself to the Sun, close your eyes and lift your face – let those warming rays fall about yourself.

Mercury now applies towards conjunction with Jupiter, exact on March 4th, which suggests we may be ready to broaden our perspective, understanding and tolerance of others or the situation, the environment. We are likely keen for new information, a fresh take or perspective. More enthusiastic, optimistic, we may find ourselves open and leaning into the future – towards what is new, different, original, and innovative. What is clearly visible to you now? What is your next step? What direction is your life taking?

The Moon squares the Gemini-Sagittarius nodal axis over the weekend, ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, again messaging it is opportune to gain fresh new perspective, information, and ideas from being open the unique voices and contributions of others. At the same time, the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, and while we might be feeling vague or out of sorts, this full moon phase is an opportune time for gratitude, forgiveness, as well as releasing any insecurities around unworthiness, confidence, critical self-talk, and perfectionistic tendencies. If you are creative, tap into the experience of your imagination.

The Moon’s grand trine with Mars and Pluto on Sunday afternoon, February 28th, indicates we can assert ourselves and act with greater confidence in a calm, steady, organized, and practical manner. We can accomplish much through talking things out, understanding what is necessary and meaningful, being flexible and adaptable, and recognizing the true value or worth of each unique contribution – your own and others.

Sabian Symbol: 9 Virgo – “An expressionist painter at work.”

The urge to express one’s individualized sense of value regardless of tradition.

The Sabian Symbols are taken from “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases” by Dane Rhudyar, Vintage Books Edition, 1974

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