Feb 11, 2021
11:06 am PST
It is mid-winter, and our thoughts can begin to turn towards the coming spring. It is just over a month away. The Aquarius New Moon is associated with Imbolc or Candlemas, the feast of the waxing light. And our daylight hours are noticeably longer and gaining too. If you take the time to look around you, you may notice signs of new spring growth emerging. I can see tiny little buds forming on my neighbor’s magnolias, and my own lilac tree in the front yard. The Aquarius New Moon is also associated with the Chinese Lunar New Year, this Year of the Metal Ox. It is a time of inspiration, of hope, and looking to the future.
This is the first new moon in Aquarius after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in this sign on the Winter Solstice. A line-up of planets joins the Sun and Moon in Aquarius: retrograde Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn – forming a stellium – a concentration of energy in one sign. This time in the fixed air sign of Aquarius pointing to change and growth for yourself, for others, for the environment and future.
New Moons provide opportunities for reflection, initiation, tuning in to our hopes and wishes, setting intentions, planting seeds so to speak that align with our aims. It might be helpful to keep in mind the differences between goals and intentions. Intentions are lived day by day, independent of achieving a goal, which is often seen as a specific achievement or destination, a milestone that is reached. Goals are more often about external achievements. Intentions are often employed alongside a goal in your efforts to attain it. Intentions are more often about your relationship with inner self, and your relationships with others. When thinking about your goals or intentions, consider how they are an expression of yourself. To what extent have you attained them? How have they served you? How have they helped you grow as a person?
The Aquarian energy suggests this month, and perhaps the year, it is opportune to connect with and nurture, and to find the courage to be your unique authentic self. What are your sacred gifts and talents? What makes you special, an individual? What inspires you? And what is emerging in your life right now?
If you could finish this sentence: “I didn’t realize I could ______.” How would you finish it?
What in your life is calling out for fresh new perspective? Perhaps suggesting a new direction? A push or step beyond the comfort zone? And who are you among others? What do you share with others? How? What kinds of interactions do you have? Can you allow yourself to give as well as receive?
Likely, we are wanting to be among our families and friends. Perhaps our tribe, those of like minds and hearts – to connect and inspire others to grow and create change. Optimistic and enthusiastic, we may be wanting to make a contribution to create a better world. Whatever you can share of yourself, whatever you can give, will likely come back to you in even greater abundance.
A dominance of planets in the air element indicates we may be more in our heads rather than our bodies. Caught up and too involved in our concerns, the matters at hand, whatever we’re doing, thinking. Given that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, we might be over-engaged in social media, virtual groups, organizations, courses, book clubs, conferences…so busy, that maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how these activities support you. When we’re too entangled we can become dabblers – stretched and attached to so many ideas and potentials that we have little chance of developing any depth or bringing things to completion. We can be experience exhaustion, burnout, and paralysis.
How are you feeling these days? Excited? Restless? Anxious?
Be gentle with yourself during this lunation cycle, drink plenty of water, and eat regular meals. Healthy routines – adequate sleep and eating is a good way to ground the body. Breathwork and meditation are also practical to rely upon for grounding. Exercise. Spending time outdoors in nature, especially when the sun it out is beneficial.

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