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new moon in leo

New and Full Moons offer opportunities for reflection and meditation.

Taking time, a quiet moment from the comfort of your home, during these two lunar phases can help you connect with yourself, your body, feelings and emotions, wants and needs.

New Moons are phases of listening deeply to your intuition, naming your wants and needs for setting intentions. Full Moons are phases of culmination and illumination, celebrating efforts and accomplishments, releasing what no longer serves you, and realigning with what you truly want for yourself and your life. 

Held twice a month via Zoom online.

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Tiger Eye Meditation

Tiger Eye Meditation


Moon Circle Reviews

“The Astrological analysis is professional, uplifting and exciting, and I’m always looking forward to the following meditation of high quality. I’m sure it has greatly increased my mental health.”

“A wonderful way for like-minded people to meditate together and share sacred time…”

“It boosts clarity, connection and reflection about cosmic energy.”

“The knowledge that is shared is great, but mostly, it provides me a moment to relax and meditate, which I have a hard time doing (unless planned like this!)”